Mrs. Killiam Receives a GrantSTEAM Class
Mrs. Killiam Receives a Grant
High School Christmas FunChristmas Dress Code
High School Christmas Dress Code
Little Cindy Lou WhooDrama Play 2019
Drama Play 2019
Christmas PlayHigh School
High School Drama Play
Fall ConcertHighschool Choir
Highschool Fall Choir Concert
Fall ConcertHS Band Concert
Highschool Band Concert
Volleyball Game
Volleyball competition
Bottom Arc

Basic Car Maintenance

Seniors learning about basic car maintenance. Our Senior Seminar students have been hard at work learning about basic car maintenance!  Students worked in groups to teach different lessons to their classmates, including how to change your oil, change a tire, check fuses, and check fluids.  

Former Board Member

Mr. Brinegar teaching STEAM
Mr. David Brinegar was a previously school board member for Fayette Local Schools.  Now he has been appointed to the State Board of Education.  He owns his own business in Wauseon, OH.  Now today, he is teaching high school students in our STEAM Class. 
Jon Molter
JH/HS Principal
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Greetings from the Principal

I welcome you to Fayette High School.  We are Eagle Proud! 
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