Solar Tracker

NORMAL DAILY OPERATION                                                         

Before sunrise, the AllSun Tracker will position itself to face the sun. Throughout the day, the tracker will move every 5-15 minutes to follow the path of the sun depend­ing on the time of day and year. After sunset, the tracker will tilt into a flat position. During the night, the tracker will rotate back around and wait for sunrise before re­peating the process.

To access the Energy Production Report, please visit:


The energy production data from your AllSun Tracker is transmitted automatically from your AllSun Tracker to AllEarth Renewables and is available for viewing at



On the AllEarth Renewables website, enter the tracker ID # 2501 or click on your location on the interactive map in order to view how much energy your AllSun Tracker is producing in real time and review your past production data.




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