1. All Scholarships (except the Athletic Boosters) are due to the Guidance Office by the last school day in March.  IF weather closes school the first school day immediately following will be the date.

  2. This listing contains the local scholarships that are traditionally offered at Fayette High School. Potentially scholarships could change from year to year in amount offered, number of scholarships offered, or may even not be offered. I have tried to make contact with each organization to guarantee the availability, amount, and number of scholarships offered but could not get exact answers until resources were determined in March. Therefore we will pursue them all as written in the hopes that they will all be available and that resources allow for more and larger scholarships.

  3. All local scholarships are listed to the right.  Click on the scholarship and it will open in Microsoft Word.  This will allow you to save on your computer and work on each scholarship when your time permits.

  4. NO organization is obligated to offer a scholarship. You are not entitled to anything. Your opportunity for a scholarship will be based on your actions, achievements, and character. The key to this is to truly promote you - with humility. Be professional, be exact, and be courteous. Type everything – if you cannot do so then write neatly in blue or black ink and hope it is satisfactory. White out and strike outs look bad, spelling and grammatical errors are doom. Have someone that is knowledgeable that you know and trust proofread your work.

  5. If you are awarded a scholarship you must send a thank you card or note immediately! Be sincere. The organization just invested in YOUR future – respect and appreciate all that they have done for you.

  6. I will help you anyway that I can to help you succeed. I am a resource; it’s up to you to what extent I play a role in your financial aid process.